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Morning and Afternoon Sessions will be identical. Please choose only one time of day per camp that works best for you

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Morning and Afternoon Sessions will be identical. Please choose only one time of day per camp that works best for you

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Consent to Participate and Waiver and Release

The undersigned parent or legal guardian (“I” or the “undersigned”) of the minor child identified below (my “Camper”) do hereby give my consent for my Camper to participate in the virtual summer camp program (the “Camp”) being offered by The Center for Aquatic Sciences, Inc. (the “Center”).

I acknowledge that by signing this document I will be bound by the terms and conditions it contains. I also understand that if I choose to submit this document electronically, by placing my name on the document in the signature blank, I am providing my electronic signature. I agree that my electronic signature has the same binding effect as my written signature.

By signing this Consent to Participate and Waiver and Release, I hereby acknowledge and agree on behalf of myself and my Camper as follows:

  1. I understand that the Camp will be live and interactive in an online format. I agree that the Camp sessions may be recorded so that campers who can’t attend a session may view the recording or campers can review the session again. I understand that these recordings may include audio and video interactions that may include my Camper.
  2. I acknowledge and agree that by participating in the Camp, my Camper will see and hear and can elect to be seen and heard by others participating in the Camp. I also acknowledge that anyone who is in proximity to my Camper during the session will see and hear what my Camper sees and hears and may also be seen and heard by the other campers attending the session.
  3. I hereby select the following provision as to use of likenesses of my Camper:
I CONSENT to the taking of and use of photographs, video, voice recordings, electronic images, and likenesses of my camper
and anyone in proximity to my Camper during the session and their use for promotional and programmatic purposes by the Center.
I acknowledge and agree that such materials shall be the sole property of the Center.
I DO NOT CONSENT to the taking of and use of photographs, video, electronic images, and likenesses of my Camper and anyone in proximity to my Camper during the session. I acknowledge and agree that I shall be responsible to ensure that the video function on my Camper’s computer is disabled.
  1. I acknowledge and agree that any and all information, materials, and content that are presented in any format or medium by the Center during the Camp are the sole and exclusive property of the Center and that I may not use them for any purpose without the prior written consent of the Center.
  2. All names, photographs, information, communications, and any other content that I, my Camper or any member of my Camper’s family post, submit to, or publish on an online social media account (e.g., Facebook, Instagram) that such person owns and then links to or otherwise associates with the Camp is hereinafter defined as the “User Materials.” I hereby grant the Center an irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully-paid, transferable, sub-licensable, perpetual, and universe-wide license for the Center to host, store, reproduce, transmit, distribute, sell, resell, license, sublicense, market, modify, adapt, create derivative works, communicate, publish, syndicate, publicly perform, publicly display, archive, and otherwise use and exploit all or any part of such User Materials and any elements and derivatives thereof in any manner, medium, or form, whether now known or hereinafter devised, as the Center sees fit in its sole discretion.
  3. I acknowledge and agree that I am responsible for obtaining consents to the use of any content that I post, submit to, or publish on any social media account, including content that contains photographs or other images or likenesses of other Camper from such campers’ parents or guardians and agree to indemnify and hold the Center harmless from any and all claims arising out of the posting of such content
  4. I acknowledge that protecting the privacy of children is of paramount importance. I understand that the Center will use reasonable safeguards including disabling personal chats, using waiting rooms to verify registered families’ access, and requesting that families only list first names and last initial of campers. By participating in the Camp, I acknowledge and agree that I and my family are solely responsible for, and will exercise caution, discretion, common sense, and judgment during virtual meetings to protect the privacy of children.
  5. I acknowledge that the Center has a zero tolerance policy for bullying. I understand that, at the Center’s discretion, campers will receive an appropriate warning of inappropriate behavior and I may be informed and asked to discuss corrective solutions with my Camper. I also acknowledge and agree that the Center has the right, at its discretion, to excuse my Camper from Camp without a refund in the event my Camper is in repetitive or egregious violation of this policy.
  6. In consideration of my Camper being permitted to participate in the Camp, and to the maximum extent permitted by law, I, for myself and for my Camper and his or her family, hereby release, discharge, and hold harmless the Center and its officers, directors, employees, and agents from and against, and waive any and all claims for, any and all damages, liabilities, injuries, losses, costs, or expenses arising from or relating to my Camper’s participation in the Camp, the Center’s presentation of the Camp and the programs of the Camp, and any information or materials contained in the programs of the Camp.
  7. >I acknowledge receipt of handbooks and policies provided by the Center pertaining to the Camp and agree to comply with all of the provisions applicable to parents and guardians and my Camper.

Emergency Contact Information

Release Electronic Signature

Payment and Refund Acknowledgement

There will be no refunds issued for any cancellation request made within 2 weeks of the camp start date.
50% refunds may be issued if cancellation occurs more than 2 weeks prior to the start of the camp. 
You can pay your reservation online or make checks payable to “The Center for Aquatic Sciences”.

Privacy Policy

At no time will the Center for Aquatic Sciences at Adventure Aquarium sell or share the information you provide us to any third party entity. You do not need to worry about receiving SPAM (unsolicited email) because of the information you provide us.

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